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Subject: [Shop-talk] Above ground oil tanks>
From: rbeels at (Richard Beels)
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2011 14:19:10 -0700
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You do know you can prepay in Aug for the whole year and they re-fill 
you on a schedule at that same price?

Or.. at least every oil company I've dealt with has that program.

The only other oil tank trick I know is to encase the copper fuel 
line in plastic tubing if it runs along the floor in a concrete 
basement.  It'll last longer that way.  Previous owner on my last 
house didn't know that trick.  Pinhole at o'dark:thirty on day 2 of 

At 06/04/11 at 17:21, Shakespearean monkeys danced on 
eric at's keyboard and said:
>Actually, I would have put 3 of the tanks in if I could have.  I have a
>1000 gal inground that is getting replaced.  I loved it, normally I would
>fill it up once in Aug (when oil was cheapest) and it could get me through
>the year, with maybe a small refill somewhere in march.
>The more oil you can store, means you can buy it when it's cheapest.


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