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[Shop-talk] AC compressor is tripping 20A breaker

Subject: [Shop-talk] AC compressor is tripping 20A breaker
From: shop-talk2 at (shop-talk2 at
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 23:03:43 -0400
References: <MTAwMDAxNy5tY2ZldHJpaQ.1310250647@quikprotect> <005c01cc3ea2$8dd592b0$a980b810$>
Thank you all, this is the type of insight I was hoping to get.  

I'm going to replace the breaker first (and confirm the brand).  If that
doesn't fix the issue, then I'll test the voltage at the compressor (I think
I can do this by removing the cover on the slow-burn fuse box).  I'll also
see if I can find a Amp draw sticker on the compressor and see if I can see
the gauge of the 30 ft run of wire from the box to the compressor.  

Thanks again, I love this list.

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