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Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 12:06:20 -0500
I'm also looking for a generator all of my research has pointed to Generac
being a good brand.  The local small engine shop recommended them (and Honda
for way more $) and my electrician said he has installed dozens via transfer
panels without issue.  He did say to confirm that the generator is actually
putting out 120V/220V max since he had an issue with another brand with a
faulty voltage regulator (new out of the box).  

One of my coworkers has an interesting setup:  15000W v-twin bought used of
Craigslist for $1800, then he sent the carburetor away to have it converted
to natural gas.  He has it "interlocked" into his panel such that the main
to the street has to be off before the generator feed breaker can be on; and
vice versa.  He says he has over two hundred hours on it like this running
of his BBQ gas line in the backyard.  I don't think I'll implement such as
setup at our current house, but I thought it was interesting.  Some more
details below (quoted from him).  

- Ian

I'm attaching a couple of links that will get you started on the generator
trek.  As you do you exploration let me know if you need any info as I've
done a ton of research.  You'll need an interlock kit, interlock breaker,
inlet box (depends on your wattage), nat gas conversion kit, nat gas hose,
high amp generator cord, heavy duty electrical wire to main box (I needed
6/3 romex for a 50amp service).

Main box interlock kit

Natural gas conversion kit for v-twin generators

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What do you recommend as a brand and or model? I was looking for something
in the 8000 watt range.  The generator repair shop which checked out my old
unit recommended Generac as a good brand to go with.  Looking at their
generators they offer so many different types in the same power range.
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