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[Shop-talk] o/t Water softener

To: Shop Talk <>
Subject: [Shop-talk] o/t Water softener
From: Ian McFetridge <>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 21:13:31 -0400
Sorry for the off-topic post...the nearest this comes to shop talk is my
desire to one-day add a softened-water bib in my garage for washing cars. :)

I would appreciate any input on brands and on the quotes I've received.

The existing 30,000gr softener is from 1994 and the valve is broken beyond
repair and has to be replaced. (1994 vintage, so not unexpected)  At 20
years old, I'd like to replace the cylinder, valve, and brine tank.  I got
quotes from two local companies, one that installed the system for the
previous owner.

Ecowater ESD2502R30 30,600 gr.  Warranty:  3yr parts/labor

Fleck valve 42,000 gr.  warranty 6yr parts/labor

Both vendors were given the same water test results and household
information (17 gr/gal, family of four, good pH, iron, etc.)...not sure why
the disparity in sizing 30k vs 42k.
I'm leaning towards getting the Fleck.

Both cost the same amount ($1700 installed) and both claim their valves use
electronic metering to be more efficient than other brands (both must use
simple timer valves as comparatives).  Ecowater seems to have an OK
reputation online, but the fact that everything is proprietary bugs me --
at least that's what I've read, although parts are available (link below)
and the parts vendor notes that this is the same unit resold by other

   1. Sears,NorthStar -

   Sears, G.E., Lindsay, North Star, Morton, Whirlpool, Ecowater Family of
   Valves ...These are all new parts from the original manufacturer
   ( Ecowater ).

Thanks in advance,

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