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[Shop-talk] Resurecting a totaly dead battery ?

Subject: [Shop-talk] Resurecting a totaly dead battery ?
From: stan <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2020 11:04:45 -0400
 friend of mine left her vehicle at her house for several months, while she
 was away on the west coast. A new battery had been installed in this
 vehicle about month before she left. She asked a family member to start
 the car once a weak to keep the battery charged. As you can imagine this
 did not get done. I went by the other day, and the battery is totally dead,
 no lights, or gauges come one when the ignition switch is turned on. I did
 not have a voltmeter with me when I was there.

 I would hate to have to buy yet another new battery for this car. 

 What is the list's collective wisdom relative to rescuing this battery/
 Should I put a battery tender on it/ Should I just hook up  charger, and
 hope? ...

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neither liberty nor safety."
                                                -- Benjamin Franklin

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