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scenic trips

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Subject: scenic trips
From: fred thomas <vafred@erols.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 07:16:18 -0800
I am a little suprised that with all of the best trips to take no one
has mentioned Rt # 66, I mentioned this quite some time ago and received
some good response, how about during the May drive your british car
week. To make this trip a real big success we would need
"club"particapation through each state 66 goes through, that club
mapping out its portion of 66, and being the tour guide through that
state. I have a very large box of all the 66 details, and there are many
sites on the net, but, this would be a great LBC trip, any input and/or
comments appreciated, especially the clubs along the way, please contact
me with your thoughts.  WOW what a trip this could be !!!

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