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RE: RE: broken again...

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Subject: RE: RE: broken again...
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Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:53:50 -0400
There are basically three head gaskets that the Spitfire used throughout its 
life.  The early 1147 head, from 68 and earlier, the 1296 head from 1969 to 
1971 and the 1296/1500 recessed (block) from 1972 and on --- It's fairly 
straightforward, the 1147 gasket won't fit the later heads/blocks because of 
the difference in number and spacing of the head bolts, and the 1296/1500 
recessed one is distinguished by the recesses like shallow o-ring grooves 
around the bores in the blocks on the later engines 

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