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Subject: Starter removal
From: shk <shk@qnet.com>
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 23:46:52 -0700
Organization: NFB
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Does anybody know how to get the starter out of the Mark II without
removing either the oil filter or the dizzy?  It seems to me I have
done it before, but I have been unable to duplicate this feat recently.
Is there a way, or have I lost my mind?

While we are on the subject of starters, mine died today.  I knew there
was a reason I stopped using this car for a daily driver, and I am
beginning to remember why.  I replaced the brushes in my starter about
a year ago and the way I remember the setup there is a pair of brushes
that has the screw terminal that comes out of the back plate from the
starter.  Then there is another pair of brushes that just has the
cable on them and you hook that cable to a metal strip that vanishes
into the bowels of the starter.  Not having a spot welder I soldered
this cable onto the metal strip.  Is this the correct way to do this?
Or should it be spot welded?  The PO had cobbled up some arrangement
where the metal was crimped onto the cable, but they screwed up the
metal in the process.  I got a fairly good solder joint, but I fear
it has vibrated loose, thus killing my starter.  I haven't the
motivation to take the starter out of the car right now so I don't
know for sure what the problem is.  However, I work at 1:30 tomorrow
and it is way too far to walk so I am going to have to figure something
out.  My house sits on a hill so I suppose I could roll start it on
the driveway and then when I leave work wait until nobody is looking
and push-start the car in the parking lot to come home.  (That is how
I got home tonight.)  I sure do hate pushing the car and then jumping
in only to push the brake pedal instead of the clutch when trying to
put it into gear.  *sigh*


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