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RE: engine smokes with new head

To: "Elliott, Patrick" <patrick.elliott@attws.com>, spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: RE: engine smokes with new head
From: robert weeks <robert@woozy.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 15:43:56 -0400
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It's run about 70 miles. The plugs seem dry, no oil on the water.



At 12:14 PM -0400 8/3/99, Elliott, Patrick wrote:
>How long has it run? Check each spark plug and see if any are wet with oil.
>You might have an oil passage seeping past the head gasket into a cylinder.
>check the water to make sure your not getting any oil in it. and
>vis-a-versa.  If all that looks ok, I'd run it for twenty or thirty minutes
>and see if it clears up.
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>From: robert weeks [mailto:robert@woozy.com]
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>Subject: engine smokes with new head
>I put a rebuilt cylinder head in my Midget this weekend and now the exhaust
>is full of whiteish / greyish smoke. It's not totally billiowing, totally
>white smoke like in a blown head gasket, it's more greyish like in a tired
>The rest of the engine had been rebuilt earlier this year and has about
>2000 miles on it. I waited to rebuild the head because of finances. The
>head got new silicon/bronze guides, new seals on the intake valves and new
>hardened exhaust seats. I used a new copper competition head gasket when
>installing it and torqued the head to spec for the ARP bolts. The head was
>magnafluxed to check for cracks and the deck was skimmed for flatness.
>Will this go away as it breaks in or is there something seriously wrong

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