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Re: West Coast Healey Meet

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Subject: Re: West Coast Healey Meet
From: Paul A Asgeirsson <pasgeirsson@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1999 12:53:02 EDT
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Hi Mike,

I'll be going to San Diego from Portland on a combined business/pleasure
trip.  I'm going to try to see some event but may not be able to.  I'll
be wearing my black Spridget autox t shirt.

Regards, Paul


On Thu, 05 Aug 1999 23:52:38 -0700 Mike Maclean <macleans@earthlink.net>
>Is anyone on the list from other than the San Diego area going to the
>West Coast Healey Meet in San Diego next week?  Unfortunately, I did 
>finish my Bugeye restoration in time for this event.  I had planned to
>show the car and do the tourist thing with my family.  Kill two birds
>with one stone sort of thing.  Since my family still wants their
>"tourist vacation" I am still going to San Diego, but as a spectator 
>the meet.  It would be nice to see someone from the list while I'm 
>there.  It's only a 2 hour drive from San Bernardino where I live, but
>we will be staying in a hotel for a week long getaway.  I'm planning 
>meet Bob and Annice Kitterer while there, just wondering if anyone 
>is planning a day or more at the meet.  I will definately be at the
>"Popular Choice" judging on Tuesday morning and will be wearing my 
>club t-shirt (Austin Healey Club Southern California).  I'm also one 
>the caloricly challenged types, so I should be easy to spot.  I swear 
>will go on a diet before my Bugeye is finished. Hey, maybe that's why
>I'm subconscienly putting off completing my car!
>     I will be off the list next week while out of town as 5000 
>may be too much to go through when I return.  O.K., maybe I'll only 
>4000 messages from the list in a week.
>Just kidding.
>Mike MacLean-60 Sprite

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