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Flywheel cracks

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Subject: Flywheel cracks
From: "Ric Bergstrom" <Ric_Bergstrom@britishcarclub.com>
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 15:21:12 -0400
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Collective wisdom 'o the list.

I am still working on the tranny problems.

I finally got around to pulling the tranny off and I have ripped the
center out of the clutch.  The tranny itself seems to be fine.  I
suppose that since it no longer jumped out of first gear I got on it
hard enough to push it over the limit....and BOOM.  Rattle rattle

I suppose that is good news as the tranny may still be useable with
out a rebuild right now which will at least delay the inevitable
rebuild or toyo swap until winter.

The flywheel is showing signs of cracks radially in the surface
where the pressure plates rubs.  I can't tell how deep they are.

Are these fatal flaws requiring a new flywheel or can they be
machined out?  I have spare flywheels, but this one has the entire
shoulder machined off so it is probably 4 or 5 pounds lighter....I;d
like to keep it in the car.

 Anyone have a favorite high performance clutch that will bolt on to
a stock flywheel?

What do you know?

Ric Bergstrom
83 R80RT
73 MG Midget
President, Central Virginia British Car Club
Richmond VA

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