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Re: 1500 radiator

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Subject: Re: 1500 radiator
From: "David Riker" <davidr@sunset.net>
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 10:42:41 -0700
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I used a 1500 radiator and shroud with my 1275 engine for a while.  The
Shroud places the radiator farther away from the engine by about 3/4",
leaving more space to install an electric fan.  You have to have the end
tanks from the 1275 crossflow radiator swapped onto the 1500 core. Using the
1500 core provides you with about a 10% larger radiator core.  Make sure
that the offset is to the passenger side.  It will partially block the air
inlet tube  hole, so if you want to run fresh air to your heater, you have
to crush the hose where it goes around the larger 1500 radiator.  You also
have to make a custom lower radiator hose, but it was easy to cut down a
spare upper hose to work.

David Riker
74 Midget
63 Falcon

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Subject: 1500 radiator

> Does anyone know if the 1500 radiator and shroud will fit and work
> with a 1275 car?
> Also, I have a friend who has a new Pertronix ignition in his Midget, but
> can't get it to run right when installed. He says it runs like a spark
> is disconnected. Any suggestions I can pass on to him?
> Gerard
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