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Re: First bugeye test drive!

To: Bryan Vandiver <Bryan.Vandiver@Eng.Sun.COM>
Subject: Re: First bugeye test drive!
From: "J. Adrian Barnes" <adrian@workgroup.net>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 16:05:39 -0400
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Congratulations!  One of these years I'll be reporting on the first drive in my
project.  heh heh

75 project (the money sink)
75 recently deceased

J. Adrian Barnes, MCP
Business Information Group



Bryan Vandiver wrote:

> Hello,
> Well I finally took my bugeye project out for it's first test drive this
> weekend. I've owned this car for seven years, but only started actually 
> on it about 3.5 years ago. This has been a total ground up restoration which
> included having the entire body stripped and dipped. I started out with only a
> rolling tub that someone stuck a 1971 1275 and ribcase in. I had to acquire 
> other parts (seats, dash gauges ancillaries etc.) over the years, so I almost
> view this as a 'kit' car.  The only work I didn't perform on this 
> was the body/paint, and dynamic balancing of the engine. Please bear in mind
> that I have NEVER driven a spridget before so I was basically a LBC 'virgin'.
> Here are my car's specs:
> ** '59 bugeye - Green (not leaf, not dark, just 'green')**
> 1275 with ribcase
> 3.9 pumpkin
> Front disk brakes (cross drilled rotors)
> Rear 3/4 dual acting piston rear brakes
> Original 7/8" brake/clutch master
> All 'new' springs (front/rear)
> Poly bushings everywhere (except rear 1/4 spring eyelet)
> tires - bridgestone re92's (165/65-13) on stock steel wheels.
> dellorto 40 side-draft (36mm venturi's)
> Maniflow LCB
> RC 40 exhaust system (modified to fit sprite)
> mildly ported 12g940 casting head
> Kent md266 (fast road) cam
> Ignitor ignition in stock distributor
> Stock style interior(except for color) tan with leather seats with green 
> Stock gauges including tach drive
> Moto-lita steering wheel
> Polished aluminum trim
> The car starts and runs pretty well, but does seem to hesitate slightly when 
> first hit the throttle. I still need to figure out how to set the idle and
> timing properly.
> Steering is 'very' responsive although I still haven't set the 'toe-in'
> properly.
> Clutch requires some muscle but I'll get used to it, and the brakes also 
> more effort than I'm used to, but seem to work fine.
> There seemed to be plenty of power, and the engine wanted to rev. freely. I 
> a hard time trying to keep myself from over revving, since the engine isn't
> broken in yet.
> I couldn't get my signal flasher to work when I tested it in the garage, but 
> started working fine on the road (probably the vibration), which was cool. The
> tach and speedo seemed to be working fine (no bounce), but my fuel gauge is
> definitely dead (will post another email related to this).
> Took the car for three more drives  for a total of 30 miles.
> On Sunday, drove it over to a friends' house (another Brian with a '59 green
> bugeye project - no kidding) who helped me drill and mount the shoulder points
> for my seat belts. Took him out for a drive back to my place, and let him 
> it back to his house (sprite virgin also). On the way back to his house, the
> speedometer started howling, quickly pulled over, and unscrewed the cable off
> the back and the noise went away (oh-well).
> BTW - I weigh ~175, and the friend weighs ~200+ with both of us in the car I
> didn't notice and significant reduction in performance, but the car did ride a
> lot smoother;-)
> Washed the car for the first time last night, and adjusted the headlights. The
> only thing left to do is to recover the door pocket assemblies, and install 
> door liners. I also plan to take it back into the shop that did the paint, to
> 'fix' all the chips and scratches I put in it during the assembly process :-(
> I want  to show it at the Palo-Alto car meet in Sept.,  hope to see some of 
> there....
> Oh yeah, the actual driving was... YAHOO!!!
> Feels like a go-cart only looks a lot better. I don't know who had the bigger
> smile, me or the car ;-)
> Thanks everyone for all your advise.
> Bryan Vandiver  - 59 bugeye ( on the road finally!)
> San Jose, CA

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