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RE: 1500 Midget gas

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Subject: RE: 1500 Midget gas
From: Michael Graziano <mgrazian@ltcm.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 10:51:12 -0400
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I tend to use 93-94.  But I haven't tested lower grades.  You should try a
few gallns of 87 and listen for pinging.  If it pings,  fill up the tank
with 94.  WHen you're down to a gallon,  put in a few gallons of 89.  If it
pings fill it up with 94.  WHen you're down to a gallon try 91 etc....   I
think this is how it goes. Can anyone confirm this?

Michael (complete with flame retardant superman underoos!!!!)

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What grade of gasoline are Midgets happiest with? 87, 98, 91, etc?



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