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RE: 1500 Engine Oil

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Subject: RE: 1500 Engine Oil
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Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 14:48:46 -0400
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Castrol GTX 20W-50 is indeed the way to go.  At least if I want to actually
have a measureable oil pressure when it gets hot.

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Castrol 20w50 is what I hear recommended most often, especially to stop the
from smoking.  :-)

1500 Midget that used to smoke until the head gasket blew
1500 Midget that may never get the chance to smoke at the rate I'm going

Tomsjetta@aol.com wrote:

> Sorry, I'm new to the list, and I'm sure this question gets asked every
> week, but....
> What is the right kind of oil to use in my '78 Midget? I thought I once
> 20W-50, is this true? I want to change the oil tonight-I have no idea when
> was last done on this car. Given that, I think I had better take care of
> Thanks!
> Tom
> 78 Midget

J. Adrian Barnes, MCP
Business Information Group



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