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Re: A Brit passes

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Subject: Re: A Brit passes
From: Albert F Jones <fisher@hctc.net>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 17:25:59 -0500
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Hello Bryan,

        About 3:00 am., one morning in 1969, I was coming back from a race in 
Sumner New Mexico, when we hit a deer.  It took 20 minutes to find it, and
then we put it in the boot of the Bug Eye race car.  We went on to the shop
and dressed it in the grease rack, then we took it to  my uncle who cooked
it.  We lost one shoulder because the bone fragmented too much.  So, I
would say that, the suspension should be race prepared, and I can go into
greater detail, should you so desire.  If it is on a trailer it doesn't
really matter.

        Breakfast was sure good this morning.  The venison sausage was 

Comfort, TX

At 02:38 PM 8/12/99 -0700, Bryan Vandiver wrote:
>So, to take this in a totally different direction....
>What sort of suspension modifications would be required on the sprite, so
that you could 
>drive around with a 'deer' strapped to the fender?? how would this affect
>could this possibly be an advantage when racing on an oval track??
>However, I don't think I'd even try to dress the deer in the kitchen. How
would you get 
>it to hold still long enough to get the pant's (or skirt) on it, let alone
get it inside 
>the house??
> - Bryan (sorry, I just couln't help myself)
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>>Subject: Re: A Brit passes
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>>OK Folks,
>>      Tents and bed rolls at the ready, and head on down to sunny Texas.  
>>is a pretty good local brew(so I am told - I don't care too much for beer
>><Guinness isn't beer after all>) that goes under the name of Shiner Bock -
>>and lots and lots of local wine.  Of course, if you all wait 'till a little
>>later in the year, you can bag your own deer to BBQ.  Just don't think that
>>you can dress them on my dining table!!
>>At 10:44 AM 8/12/99 EDT, Ajhsys@aol.com wrote:
>>>JEEZ!!!  What hath Allen wrought?  I didn't intend that thread on the 
>>>untimely passing of a TV cook to get this far out of hand!
>>>Maybe we should all meet at the Jones's and hash this out.  (In the dining 
>>>room.  Over a pint.)
>>>Allen Hefner
>>>'77 Midget
>>>'92 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Sport
>>>- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>>>In a message dated 8/11/99 7:06:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>>>nosimport@mailbag.com writes:
>>><< Ummm      errrrr...ahem <cough>
>>> <shuffle>
>>> igottago
>>> peterc
>>> At 05:56 PM 8/11/1999 , Albert F Jones wrote:
>>> >Hello Peter,
>>> >
>>> >  Does that mean that you want the dining table too?
>>> >
>>> >Elizabeth
>>> >
>>> >At 05:47 PM 8/11/99 -0500, Peter C. wrote:
>>> >>Hey hey HEY !!  I'm getting.... embarassed
>>> >>Peter c
>>> >>  
>>> >>At 05:36 PM 8/11/1999 , Albert F Jones wrote:
>>> >>>Hello Larry,
>>> >>>
>>> >>>    You could always drop by for breakfast one morning, but Fisher
>>> >>>you aren't getting into his bed with him ......... I guess that only 
>>> >>>the kitchen table!!
>>> >>>
>>> >>>Elizabeth
>>> >>>
>>> >>>At 03:34 PM 8/11/99 -0700, Larry Miller wrote:
>>> >>>>Elizabeth,
>>> >>>>
>>> >>>>If you ever decide to dump Mr. Jones, please give me a call.... >>

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