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blown head gasket

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Subject: blown head gasket
From: Bryan Vandiver <Bryan.Vandiver@Eng.Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 12:47:46 -0700 (PDT)
Reply-to: Bryan Vandiver <Bryan.Vandiver@Eng.Sun.COM>
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Hi everyone,

Well it looks like the joy of getting my bugeye on the road is 'short lived'. 
I was working on trying to create a better ground connection for my horn, I 
noticed oil on the side of my newly rebuilt and running 1275 motor (doah!). It 
appears to leaking down from under the head, and some is being sprayed on my 
exhaust manifold. I probably have less than 100 miles on this fresh complete 
rebuild :-( 
In any case, I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong.. I used one of the 'copper' 
head gaskets from MiniMania, and an ARP head bolt kit. The head bolts were 
torqued to 45lbs using the ARP 'special' grease. The engine was first run for 
15-20 minutes at 2500 RPM, and then taken for three test drives about two weeks 
later(each drive was no more than 5-10 minutes). I re-torqued the head after 
third test drive while the engine was still hot (45lbs) (25lbs for rocker nuts).
I don't know exactly when the head started leaking oil, so I can't say if it 
before or after re-torqued the head.
I also looked in the radiator, and noticed some oil there.
I guess I'll go the MiniMania sometime this week and pick up another head 
gasket, and start again, but does anyone have a suggestion on what I did wrong 
the first time?? did I not retorque the head soon enough.. Not enough torque? 
Should I use a different type of gasket? did I forget to say the proper 
Lucas/BMC prayer before hitting the road?? animal sacrifice??

Bryan Vandiver (59-bugeye)
San Jose CA

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