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Re: Wire Wheel Woes

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Subject: Re: Wire Wheel Woes
From: robert weeks <robert@woozy.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 19:46:15 -0400
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That's a new one on me!!

I go to a real oldtime (non-chain) tire store where they have people who
actually know how to handle and work on wire wheels. Where do you live that
inner tubes are against the law? What was the reason for the law? Many
trucks use inner tubes in their tires, does this alleged law affect them??

I'd stay away from discount tire stores and find someone who knows about
wire wheels.

Just my .02


At 7:30 PM -0400 8/18/99, shawn tobin wrote:
>I'm not whining but;
>Today I was told by my friendly Discount Tire Store salesman that it was
>against the law for me to get a tube put in my tire which I thought wire
>wheels necessitated.  He refused to even listen to what I had to say.
>What's a poor boy supposed to do?  I guess I'll have to resort to one of
>those back-alley tire stores where it's not sterile and....
>Shawn Tobin
>'69 Midget 5spd daily driver

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