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Re: Retro new cars, was: BMW was: A Great (IMHO) Idea

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Subject: Re: Retro new cars, was: BMW was: A Great (IMHO) Idea
From: Herb_Goede@amsinc.com
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 18:07:54 -0600
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I agree with you and your friend.  I'm not fond of these new versions of
classic old cars - especially when they don't come even close to capturing
the spirit of its ancestor.  The original beetle looked the way it did
because that was the shape that the function dictated.   The new one is
ugly on purpose..

Same with the bugeye.  I'm sure if a new bugeye is produced it will be some
over priced, front wheel drive, monstrosity with a vague resemblance to the
original.  I've heard that BMW has proposed a bugeye like body on a mini
chassis.  How sad for both cars.

I can appreciate cars like the MGF, Z3, and XK8,  They're cars of a
progression and follow a proud lineage rather being like an Elvis

Herb G.

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