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Weber setup-problem found

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Subject: Weber setup-problem found
From: Kroyell@aol.com
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 01:10:00 EDT
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First of all Thanks to all that replied to my post.

I found the problem and boy do I feel stupid!! Apparently when I was putting 
the new chokes in I put the Aux. Venturi for cly's 3&4 in backwards. As a 
result when I got on the gas 2 of the 4 clys were not getting any fuel 
(I knew something was terribly wrong). 
I think I also didn't explain myself very well in my 1st post, I put in 
34mm chokes and removed the 36mm chokes. 

45 DCOE Current Jetting-
Idle 45F8 
Main 140
Air 170
Aux Venturi 3.5
Choke 34mm   

Now I have a lot better power&torque idle but have a huge flat spot
between 1600 & 2000rpm.I think I'm going to order some 50F9 idle jets
as per weber book.)
Also Think I will try 130 &135 main jets. 

I have some extra DCOE Weber parts that I would like to trade/sell
Anyone need the following?
38mm Chokes
120 Air Correction jets
50F2 Idle jets
Brass Float
GrossJet needle valve

Thanks Again
York Powell
72 Midget

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