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Re: exhaust bandage

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Subject: Re: exhaust bandage
From: "Palmer Family" <amesfolks@snovalley.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 20:45:55 -0700
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>Does anyone have experince with exhaust pipe repair kits? I have a small
>hole in the pipe. It is on the top surface of the pipe, just below my feet,
>of course. Welding is out for now as I've spent my car budget for the rest
>of the year...
>There appears to be a couple of types of kits for this. One is goo in a
>tube that you squirt into the hole. It then hardens overnight. The other
>type uses some type of wrap. One wrap kit has a adhesive-backed foil tape
>as a heat sheild. This is wrapped around the pipe. Then, an adehsive-backed
>strip of plastic or fiberglass is wrapped around this. When heated, it's
>supposed to all melt together. The wrap kit has a thin piece of metal that
>you're supposed to form around the pipe. The pipe and shield are then
>wrapped with a strip of fiberglass cloth that you've previously dipped into
>some undefined goo in a pouch. This too is supposed to form a solid patch
>upon heating.
>Any thoughts?

My trick, clean the pipe around the area that the hole is, cut and shape a
piece of galvanized sheet metal (roof flashings!) about 2-3cm bigger than
the hole.   Then buy 6-9 hose clamps (screw type) and clamp the hole deal
around the pipe!!

I have a 4 inch crack in the bottom of the header on the bend,  1 year ago I
did the same, it works wonderfully.

Any questions, contact me; amesfolks@snovalley.com

Barry Palmer
72 mg midget (soon bastardization of an 82 rx7 rotary)
66 Baja Bug (Cut, chopped, lifted, you name it!!!!)

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