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Re: Mechanic dents my Midget: Epilogue

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Subject: Re: Mechanic dents my Midget: Epilogue
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Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 09:38:29 -0700
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Hi Tom,

I'm glad to hear that there is still some respectable people in the world.    I
would say he is a great mechanic.  I thought sure he would disclaim the dent was
his.  Are you sure he doesn't drive a Sprite?  :~}


Tomsjetta@aol.com wrote:

> Took the car to mechanic straight from work tonight. He pops the hood and it
> soon became clear to him what happened. No tools involved in the dent: the
> culprit was a clamp for a radiator hose that was turned upward. and when the
> hood shut, there came the dent.
> He apologized, and asked that I return Saturday so we can make arrangements
> to fix it. I could tell he was kicking himself for it, and he told me he had
> no idea there was so little clearance there that it would have made a
> difference. I forgave him, and no, we didn't hug, but I will go back to him
> if need be. It was an honest mistake, I think.
> Thanks, listers, for your input!
> Tom

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