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Midget Frt Suspension-Solved, I hope

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Subject: Midget Frt Suspension-Solved, I hope
From: "BOLIN, TIMOTHY" <TBOLIN@scana.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 12:23:01 -0400
Reply-to: "BOLIN, TIMOTHY" <TBOLIN@scana.com>
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After swapping both A arms around to no avail, I starting comparing
measurements on both sides, everything seemed to be real close, even
compared the castor of both king pins(although crudely), they seemed to
match.  Getting frustrated, I put the thought of a sledge hammer out of my
mind, and grabbed a beer and sat down at the bench.  Looking down under the
bench I spotted a frt shock.  I wondered could it be?  Removed the shock
from the car and installed the other one.  Guess What- IT ALL FITS TOGETHER.

Apparently the PO had acquired the suspect shocks(not new or reconditioned)
and I have to take some of the blame by thinking they were correct and
installing them.

Thanks to all who responded with their thoughts.


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