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Re: CB Radio noise

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Subject: Re: CB Radio noise
From: "R. Toby Atwater" <toby.1969ah.1971lc@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 14:18:46 -0700
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Try the AM (if you have it) and see if it is just as bad as the CB... if so
there is a little filter you put between the distributor and coil hi tension
line. I found mine at Radio Shack and pluged it in and I was off.... the
stupid little clip filter thingy fell off on the freeway and I tought I was
going to die... but I then bent it a little and it remained in place...
Theres a few other things you can do as well (Ive read about small
capacitors every 2 feet everwhere and shilding your CB and antenna!! sounds
horrible) but this small fix fixed my prob. The part was priced at about $4
but it was the last pack and the number wasnt in thier computer so the radio
shack guy gave it to me...

Good luck..


>Electronics gurus of the list,
>In my quest to ready the Sprite for my Wisconsin trip I installed a CB
>It is an old one that I have hanging around but it is in the Sprite and
>it works fine. That is until I started up the car!
>OUCH, what a noise! I do not have any engine noise on the FM radio but
>the CB is about useless with all the engine noise. This was at a fast
>idle in the garage, on the road @ 65-70 mph will be terrible.
>What do I need to do to fix it?
>Filters? Spark plugs? Jap engine?
>Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated.
>Frank Clarici
>Toms River, NJ
>60 Bugeye Sprite
>67 Sprite (PIECES)
>59 Austin A40 Farina
>74 Austin Marina
>71 MG Midget racer
>61 Sprite (parts car)
>65 Sprite (parts car)
>66 Sprite (parts car)
>And a 97 Ford Pick Up

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