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Re: The Bishop

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I suspect the Spud Gun loaded with panties (confiscated from the Alfa
drivers) will get the job done...

To all of you Spridget listers out there who are wondering what the hell
we're talking about... there's a picture of the Vulture in action at the
bottom of the page at http://www.thicko.com/flounder.htm

The Vulture's creedo is "Bringing Tasteful Terrorism to Vintage Racing". I
believe that his web site is no longer in service, as he's been forced to go
into hiding after a particularly embarrassing moment with a Porsche driver's

Team Thicko
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> >Paul Fitzsimmons wrote:
> > >
> > > How about we just equip your car with a bazooka or something similar
> >some speedy
> > > Bill D
> >I have always favored a WWII 20mm cannon, but since multi barrel Gatling
> >types have been inuse in aircraft, it would give more firepower at the
> >expense of added weight and manueverability.
>   The only problem I can see is where to put the load master. If
>   you reall light up a Gatling you're gonna burn through some serious
>   ammo. You'll need a riding loadmaster to redistibute all the
>   weight. I don't see it in the RRB. Now an auto-feed recoiless
>   rifle definitely has possibilities...
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