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RE: UPS vs. USM (last time)_

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Subject: RE: UPS vs. USM (last time)_
From: "Bill Miller" <millerb@netusa1.net>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 20:14:10 -0500
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for what it's worth, both lately have had lousy service.

UPS - Package from Moss (California to Indiana) took the following route to
get to my door (Tracking numbers can be checked on the UPS website)
CA - Illinois - CA - Illinois - CA - Kentucky - CA - Indiana  (the parts
have more miles than the car in the past several years)

USPS - One package containing some Lucas fuses sent to Arizona - MIA/ 5
weeks now.
USPS - One letter containing check for some parts sent to Illinois - MIA/ 2
weeks now.

At least I can track the UPS shipments.

Guess I'll try FEDEX next.

Bill Miller

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