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fate of the hobby

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Subject: fate of the hobby
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Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 00:47:26 -0000
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unfortunatly children of the 90's view our cars as either rare/exotic or
expensive.   they do not remember seeing them new at a dealer's showroom.
they have no recolection of having wild drunken excursions from college to
spring break or on a beer run for that much.   they didnt hang out somewhere
and meet that "special "person.  nor did they race one legally or not to
have gained a respect or fear of their agility.   there is no emotional
connection with their past for them.   i see this in the aaca(anteaque
automobile club of america).   the average age of it's membership remembers
the family's new model"t".   the type of cars most easily recognised as
anteaque autos are so old and so expensive that very few if any youth are
attracted to them unless they are chopped and brilliantly painted with tons
of chrome under the hood.    i am an ardent admirer of old cars.   old
sports cars show some amazing technology for their times .  there are a
couple of things wich might help.

i offer parents to allow their child to sit in my cars at car shows.  and
heck if dad or mom wants to give it a shot why not!  they love to take
pictures of the kids.

i have given rides to a couple of local kids who insist that old car cant
get out of it's own way.(changed their minds!)

exposure is the name of the game.  sharing your pride and joy with others .
at 1 point i had 1old car.  i was considered some kind of crazy fool.   then
i had 2 and people told me you have to sell 1 to get another! now i have 5
and i am considered a collector!  i have not changed! but the perception has
changed.  now at shows i am treated diffrently.  it's funny to me.   but the
public is out there and looking and listening.   share something of your
good fortune with a friend or a neighbor.   you might be opening the door to
the future of our hobby.   my father took me for a ride in his last race car
as a child.   i never have forgot that ride!  that was 1967.   4 years ago i
found the remains of that car and restored it back to that period of time
when it first excited me.   now there is a lasting impression!   i challenge
evryone on our list to try when it presents itself to initiate someone new
to what it feels like to enjoy what it is that you all seem to find so dear
to you.  aw heck if nothing else you might get a lead on the one across town
in a barn or shed you never heard of or saw.


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