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Re: Cylinder Heads- 1275

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Subject: Re: Cylinder Heads- 1275
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 16:49:21 -0500
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I have an aluminum head. It is a good head and seems to flow well.It's CR
seems to be about 8.8 -1. I'm going to cut it to get about 10:1. With the
1:5 roller rockers, the 40 over pistons, the APT rods, and a balance job, I
think it will run well. It will require me to retune my 45DCOE's. But with
aluminum head and a 5-speed, it should be a good car! David V says you
should use dished pistons to get the most out of your engine. You an get 40
over or 60 over without having to offset bore the block.  hope this helps.

Roger Cotting

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Subject: Cylinder Heads- 1275

> I just pulled the 1275 out of my Bugeye for a rebuild.  I want to get some
> more horsepower out of it, but keep a comfortable idle,

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