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Re: momemake dizzy machine

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Subject: Re: momemake dizzy machine
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 14:51:52 -0800
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> Glen,
> Would you even need any more than just a random mark on _any_ of the
> spinning parts for most of this? That is, any mark on the pulley
> allow you to "...slowly rev-up the motor and watch what happens and
> at what RPM it happens and you then know how much mechanical advance
> and when it comes on..."
> Jeff

Jeff makes a very good point.  Any pointed fixed point that can be related
to a span of marks on the pulley would suffice.

Since a 'top-mounted' timing pointer is a good thing, I started from the
assumption you would want one.

To make a span of marks separated by 1deg, put a single wrap of masking or
other non-stretchy tape around the pulley.  Mark the overlap and remove
carefully.  Now divide the distance between the overlap marks into 360
parts.  Each part is 1 degree of crank rotation.  About 40degrees or so are
more than enough to do the job.  Reapply the tape to the front thick part of
the pulley such that your fixed reference point on the timing cover is at
about 5deg ATDC on your tape degree marks.  Voila!

Glen Byrns
'59 bugeye
'59 Morris Traveller (Winifred)
Jeez, did my fingers actually type that message header?  I meant "homemade"

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