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Sprite Test

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Subject: Sprite Test
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 08:59:36 -0500
I took the Sprite ( topless,of course) out to test the 1.5 roller rockers I
installed. It got up to 42 in Detroit with bright sun( not common this time of
year). It pulled very well and seemed to be more responsive at the high end (
I got it up to 70).
I got the rockers for TS Imports, and installation was OK except that they
take 5/16-24 adjusters that I got from Winner's Circle. Adjusting them was
weird, the "feel" on the feeler gage was different with rollers than standard.
Anyone have this experience? Anything than I can do different?
I only got two looks ( what is that crazy fellow doing in a convertible in
weather like this) and two people that wanted to know the what year it was and
other info about the car. I seem to get good questions every time I take it

Roger Cotting

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