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RE: For TEXAS Listers re: Ebay Bugeye

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Subject: RE: For TEXAS Listers re: Ebay Bugeye
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Thread-topic: For TEXAS Listers re: Ebay Bugeye
I live in Austin, about 20 or so miles from this
car, and would be happy to go take a look at it
for him.  Does he want me to contact the seller
or does he want to do it himself.

I won't be able to go look at it until Saturday
morning, but the auction doesn't end until
Valentine's Day, so that shouldn't be a problem.

A little background, I currently own a Bugeye
that is in pieces.  I've had this car for about
13 years now, and this is the third time
she has been apart, so you could say that I know
these cars pretty well.
Also, I checked out the MGA for Tommy Samuels
(on this list), and think he could vouch for

I have a digital camera and will be able to take
a bunch of pictures of it also.

Let me know what I need to do from here.

-Rob Lewis
1959 Sprite

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Subject: For TEXAS Listers re: Ebay Bugeye

Fellow Texas listers,

A new carless member of our local AHCA chapter is in a quest for a
bugeye. He came over and tried out mine and that made up his mind to get
a bugeye vice a 'big healey'. He flew to Florida this pass weekend to
look at what he thought was a hot prospect but turned out it was badly

Anyway, he spotted this one on eBay and asked me if it would be possible
for a lister in the area to check this car out in person and pass on a
report.  He is trying to find a professional surveyor to do this but is
having problems and can't flt to Texas because of business conflicts.


Car is located Kyle, Texas.

Biff Jones
Pasadena, MD
'59 Bugeye, 'Kermit'
'59 Speedwell :{) parts car?
'62 Sprite, 'Ole Gray'
'71 Midget, 'Freebie'

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