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Re: Olympics (not live on the West Coast)

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Subject: Re: Olympics (not live on the West Coast)
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 19:44:52 -0800
Well, they are live to Mountain, Central, and Eastern time zones.  For
some unknown reason (read: MONEY), NBC saw it fit to tape delay the
games to left coasters, who are a whopping ONE hour behind Utah time.

Luckily I have DirecTV and get NBC's east coast feed.

Spridget content:  has anyone ordered body panes from www.smoothline.com
lately?  I'm wondering if he has fixed his tooling to make hoods again
so I can complete the last piece of the puzzle.

Greg Gowins
'69 Sprite
Dublin, CA

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Opening ceremonies LIVE in HDTV......  What can I say...  FREAKIN AAAAAA
Maybe they should add downhill Spridgets to the Winter Games.  Could ya
Imagine....          Swish,  Swoosh, Swish, Swoosh through the flags on
the course.  Almost like my trip to work this morning betwixed the darn
fools on the highway after rain and 20degree temps...  Who said I was
crazy fer puttin studded snow tires on a Midget!   Yeah Baby...  Now
where is that next 12 pak?  
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