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Re: 1275 Venting

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Subject: Re: 1275 Venting
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 23:09:11 -0500
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"Brashear, Jack, N" wrote:
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> Hi All, I just picked up on the 1275 venting thread.  For what it's worth to
> anyone, here's what I did about seven years ago.  The engine must be removed
> to do this.  I drilled through the blanked-off fuel pump boss and tapped it
> 3/4" NPT then screwed in a 3/4" threaded x female brass adapter

I did exactly what Jack did to a 1275 but used a tiny K&N filter (just for looks
and I found it in the garage) Works like a charm.
Just be sure to use some sort of filter.

Some 1275s have a fuel pump block off plate that can be removed and
drilled/tapped, others you have to drill the block itself (not while in  the car
Pipe thread, hardware store street elbow (male thread 1 end, female on the 
and a hose.

On my Bugeye I have a Cannon intake with a DCOE Weber, I drilled 2 smaller holes
in the intake, one on each side, scred in 2 air tool fittings I believe because 
found them in the garage, 2 hoses to a "Y" and a stock BMC PCV valve but I had 
mount it to the heater box so I had room enough for gentle curves in the hoses
with no kinks. besides, now it's out of the way. This works very well.

On my wife's 1275, it has the timing cover tube with a rubber draft hose on it.
that's it.
I think the amount of venting is different on different engines, there is no set
formula. Of the 3 I run, each has different needs, all are great runners, 2
relatively newly rebuilt. All once set to my likings have not been changed, one
since 1983. My A40 (1275) has an intake PCV, the fuel pump spot vent, and carb
suction off the valve cover, for some reason, this engine just needs lots of
venting, PIECES on the otherhand has just a draft tube, my Bugeye has a stock 67
Sprite PCV.

It is all trial and error until you stop the rear drip. Also, too much suction
will suck oil out of the crankcase, if your leak stoped but now you have a smoke
screen, keep at it.


Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
A few Sprites

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