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RE: 1979 Spit forsale Time to come out of the closet

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Subject: RE: 1979 Spit forsale Time to come out of the closet
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 06:05:05 -0800

Same here... while I understand why someone may not like a particular car, I
never understood the "I like one marque, therefore I have to hate another"
attitude. Here in the States, it's Chevy vs Ford. In England, my Ford loving
friends professed to hate MGs and Triumphs, my Triumph loving friends hated
Fords and MGs, and so on!

I like Lots of cars- I own a Ford, a Porsche, a Chevy, A Mazda.... and the
Bugeye 8-)... and I am thinking of buying a vintage Lotus racer...

I also like Triumphs (Spitfire, TR2/3/4/6) even though I only owned one: My
first new car purchase ever was in 1980 - a Spitfire 1500 (1979 model-it had
been sitting on a lot a while), brown on black. With the overdrive and full
syncro transmission, it made for easier commuting than my older Spridgets,
and I found the cockpit more comfortable... and I loved that full opening
bonnet- a cinch to do maintenance on that car. Minus points were that right
from new, the engine leaked oil (but my race Sprite with its $10,000 engine
does that too!)... and even though that swinging axle suspension had been
much improved since the first Spitfire, I still did not like it.

Jacques Le Clainche
1959 VARA #4 AH Bugeye Sprite

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