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Re: [midgetsprite] 1966 "Rare" midget on Ebay

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Subject: Re: [midgetsprite] 1966 "Rare" midget on Ebay
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:17:10 -0600
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That is what is nice about Texas, these cars can't haul hay or a large
Hispanic family so they hold little or no value in most areas. I have bought
many of them cheap!!
I am not being Politically Incorrect, I have personally seen trucks with hay
in them as well as trucks with camper shells, pulling up in front of Wal
Mart, and around 10 Hispanics getting out of the back of the truck to go into
the store. This is how life is in my neck of the woods. Deal with

"bill b." wrote:

> RE:
> --- Martin Cooper <cooper6@swbell.net> wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me why a 1966 Midget is considered
> > rare?
> >
> They are considered rare in Texas because most people
> in Texas wouldn't drive 'em. The big dogs can pull you
> out by the ears(I hate that), and the pickups are
> inclined to not notice small cars.:-)
> bill, Amarillo, b. 69 Spite
> PS I have a large pickup too.

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