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Re: Headers for a Midget 1500

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Subject: Re: Headers for a Midget 1500
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 15:05:21 EDT
In a message dated 6/3/02 8:11:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, ckotting@core.com 

> .  It's a 
> PaceSetter header which has the 4 tubes coming together in a "square" 
> formation, and the cracks were in the part of each tube that faced the 
> center of the square.
> I would probably look at the PaceSetter again, but would not wrap it 
> this time.  

I have a Pacesetter on my 1500 and it is doing just fine.  Been running it 
daily for about a year and a half or more.   Unwrapped, of course.  Never did 
think wrapping was a good idea.

--David C.

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