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Bugeye for Sale in Alabama

To: <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Bugeye for Sale in Alabama
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 10:48:03 -0600
I have finally made the decision to sale my Bugeye...  I've owned it 20 yrs
and it's a decent car.  I've done lots of work to it over the years... but
it's not perfect by a lot... what it is, is a very nice bugeye starter car....

The reason I bought the car in the first place was a serious lack of rust...
it's got very little in the rockers  but they are not terminal by a bunch...
the floors are Solid and have no issues...

After several years of playing with it I decided to rebuild a 1275 for it with
a ribcage trans...  The motor has very little time on it and has a Kent Cam
and some mild port work to the head.  ( yes it runs rather nice )  For the
concours guys I did keep the 948 and smooth case trans that go in the car and
they can go with the car when it's sold or they can stay here... up to the
buyer I suppose.

I'm not a dealer, the reason I'm selling it is because I built it for my wife
who now constitutes an Ex wife... and frankly it's not doing what I think it
should be doing... which is making folks smile....

The selling price is going to be based on what goes with the car... but I'm
going to start the price at $7500... if it's to much then I suppose I'll lower
it... if it's to low then shame on me....   I'm not in this for the money so
negotiating up front isn't in my plan.... but after a month or so I'll come
down... the real question is will it be here in a month?

Keith ( I really do want to sell it to one of us... meaning folks who will
love and enjoy the hell out of the car... )

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