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Re: [FOT] tr3 alternator/negative ground

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Subject: Re: [FOT] tr3 alternator/negative ground
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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 10:02:21 -0500
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Subject: Re: [FOT] tr3 alternator/negative ground

Ken, haven't seen any responses to this, so I'll jump in.
I'm not sure what changes have to be made to the starter when going from positive ground to negative ground. If you buy one of Shumaker's gear reduction starters, that problem's solved.
No change needed.  The starter will run in the correct
direction on either pos or neg ground.

Of course, ground the negative side of the battery. If you are running the ammeter, you'll need to reverse the wires to it, I think.

Take the generator bracket off of the side of the motor, and plug the holes with bolts and sealant - they go through the block and will leak if left open. Use a one wire alternator of some sort (most use the GM, but some use little japanese ones). Bottom attaches to the front of the front plate where the old generator mounted. Put a strap from the front of that bolt to a water pump bolt. You may have to saw a bit off of the alternator to make the pulleys line up. Mine needed about 1/4" - GM one wire alternator. Use stock upper adjustment strap. Put oversized pulley on alternator so it doesn't spin too fast and burn up the bearings. (Moroso or something)

Buy narrow pulley arrangement (crank and water pump) from Gillanders. Run the narrow belt.

Have master switch either cut off ignition or alternator wire. Mine does the alternator wire. I prefer that to the ones that cut off the ignition. But I've heard strong arguments in favor of the opposite.

May have to swap wires on the coil primary so that plus is on the correct side.
Correct, although the coil will still probably work anyway but at
a reduced efficiency.

The factory radio won't work in this arrangement.  :)
But check the radio itself as several radios
of that era had a pos/neg ground switch or plug that can be
reset to NEG ground.  But since this is for a vintage racer, I doubt
the vehicle has a radio anyway.

I once sold a TR-4 (pos ground) to a neighbor and when he
replaced the battery he just assumed it was neg ground.
After installing a new battery with NEG ground, everything on
the TR4 worked as it should except the ammeter which
indicated opposite conditions.

Bill Sohl

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