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[FOT] off-on-on toggle switches

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Subject: [FOT] off-on-on toggle switches
From: "SHANE Ingate" <hottr6@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 11:09:50 -0500
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I am assembling my dash, and using toggle switches to control electrical functions, I have a need for several off-on-on switches (e.g., headlights, interior fan, wipers, etc). But all I can find are on-off-on switches.

I did find a website (http://www.birch.net/~petek/autoelec/simple/tog3pos.htm) which explains how to build a board that will convert on-off-on to off-on-on, but that looks complex for my minimalist-inspired car.

Google turns up a few dune-buggy-based web sites that sell them, but I was hoping to find a good quality, environmentally-sealed (AN- or MS- part number) switch, but no luck. I am not interested in using shiney-chrome Radio Shack switches or their ilk.

So what have people done when building a high-quality switch center? I've looked at Painless, Waytech, Pegasus, Aircraft Spruce and similar sites, but nothing has jumped out.


Shane Ingate, switchless in Maryland

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