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Re: Guns, cats, crooked politicians, home depot

To: "Ron Soave" <soavero@yahoo.com>, "Spridgets" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: Guns, cats, crooked politicians, home depot
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 19:57:58 -0800
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Hi Ron,

Started on an answer and got waylaid while doing some searching.

Just as the 1275 Adapter plate for the conversion kit will work on the 1098
and the 948 with the 1275 oil pump cover.  This plate has the slightly
larger hole for the 1275 oil pump cover, so it needs the 1275 cover with the
1275 back plate gasket to work and seal it OK.

All the 948 backing plates I've seen, factory installed have the 948 cover
soldered on the thin plate on the clutch side of the plate.  This cover has
MOWOG on it and is lower in profile than the 1098 MOWOG cover by about
1/10th of an inch.  Likely so it will clear the flywheel without scraping.

All the 1098 engines I've seen, 1 3/4" or 2" mains, use the 1098 cover that
is the same diameter as the 948 cover but about 1/10" higher and has the
MOWOG stamped into it.

All the 1275 engines I've seen with factory installed back plates, used the
cover with a raised center circle about .065" with a width of about 1.2"
Overall diameter measured from outer diameter, lip to lip of  about 4.4"

So as best as I can see, there are 2 styles of covers, two with MOWOG on
them, same diameter, about 4.20" and different height by about 1/10".  The
other is the is the raised center one of about 4.4" used on the 1275's.

Seems as though you have a 1275 oil pump cover off a thin flange 1275 block
with MOWOG stamped on it.  I have a thin flange block here, and it will take
a 2" main 1098 back plate and seal the oil pump with a 1098 cover OK.  The
948 and 1098 blocks have the same location on the block for the oil pump.
The 1275 has the oil pump in a slightly different location, but this 1098
MOWOG cover looks like it will work.

So, what's the diameter of that mystery cover you have that breaks the rules
of 1275 oil pump covers, and what is the height measured at the edge?  1.05"
is the same for the 1098 and 1275 covers I have here.

Hope this does a dandy job of confusion or unconfusion!  You decide!

Later, Paul A

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Subject: Guns, cats, crooked politicians, home depot

> Just kidding - never got an answer to the below.  Can
> anyone help?
> --- Ron Soave <soavero@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > A few days ago, an esteemed lister (Paul A. I
> > believe?) wrote that the 1275 oil pump cover doesn't
> > hve MOWOG stamped on the cover. Are we 100% certain?
> >
> > I have 2 948 covers and both are MOWOG stamped.  One
> > is still brazed to a backplate, the other is
> > unattached.  They look the same.  I have a 1275 I
> > recently dismantled, and the pump cover also has
> > on it.  I have no evidence this motor was ever
> > apart,
> > although it is an early thin flange 1275.  The cover
> > is different than the 948, taller.  But are we sure
> > the 1275 cover has no MOWOG?  If not, I apparently
> > have a 948 extra to trade...could also use a main
> > oil
> > pickup screen not eaten by raccoons fom Cedarberg.
> >
> > 'Hopper
> > Hopping through the offseson one surprise check afer
> > another
> >
> > PS Paul - I need 2 cans of paint!  Not that I'm
> > building anything...
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