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Subject: Re: Bugeye Group..... Re: [midgetsprite] SHELL RANT
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 20:47:58 -0800 reply-type=original
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The number that I'm not going to forget is the amount my 401k is growing 
each month.  You see, oil companies are publicly traded.  You buy their 
stock, it increases in value, your investement is worth more.  I'll drive 
nice economical cars, and let all the SUV drivers fund my retirement.  Seems 
ok to me.  I WANT the oil companies to be profitable and find ways to become 
MORE profitable.  See, that's what makes capitalism work.  It's called the 
"profit motive".  If you don't like it, I think Cuba is still a socialist 
country, although you can't get spridget parts on the open market there.
David Riker

> Pure BS.  The world oil market may be what it is, but what they charge at
> the pump is what they want to charge above their costs.  Their increase in
> profits is entirely dependent on what they want to charge over and above
> what they pay.  Evidently, they decided they wanted to dig a bit deeper in
> our pockets.  $36 Billion dollars -- don't ever forget that number.
> ====================
> No offense, Buster, but I don't see their benevolence.  I definitely do 
> see
> their huge profits at our expense.
> Larry

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