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Orphan LBC for sale

To: Spridgets <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Orphan LBC for sale
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 16:53:29 -0500
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1959 Austin A40 Farina. One of 12 MKIs imported to the USA.
1275 engine, 5 speed gearbox, Header, Weber, 2 door station wagon type 
New tires and NOS Flying "A" hubcaps ;)
It flat out will NOT start at 40* or colder.
Other than that, it's a cool little car.
It needs constant attention, loads of chrome to be polished, always 
needs messing with the ignition system.
Carb is a 40 DCOE Weber and has always been perfect.
Gauranteed to leave you standed if the temp drops to 39*
Fresh paint job in Sept 05.
New battery, starter, solenoid 9/05 too.
But this did not solve the non starting problem at 40*
41* and it starts just fine.
I have replaced the battery 3 times.
3 or 4 starters, 2 or 3 soleniods, half a dozen dizzys, and even a 1.75 
SU but it just will not start at 40*
I have owned this car since 1997 and it has NEVER started at 40*
I even changed the engine but that didn't help.
It just HATES me and I hate it!
There is NO reason for the non starting issue below 40*.
Everything has been replaced a couple of times.
Only the ignition switch is original to the car so maybe that's it but 
it works fine. Oh yeah, the muffler has not been replaced, maybe that's it?
The original 948 engine did have a hand crank so you might want to stick 
that back in this orphan so you can hand crank it when it's 40* out.
The 1275 in the car has no provisions for the hand crank and lord knows 
it needs it cause unless you stick a 24v battery in it, it just doesn't 
crank over fast enough when it's cold out.

If you live where it goes below 40*, you'll have to move farther south.
Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ

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