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Re: Panhard Set-up

To: Bud Osbourne <abcoz@hky.com>
Subject: Re: Panhard Set-up
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 01:04:32 -0500
Cc: "Robert E. Shlafer" <pilotrob@webtv.net>, spridgets@autox.team.net
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Um......you weren't there this year then? It was about 275 degrees 
cooler than the surface of the sun where I was standing. They may have 
called a HAZMAT team in to clean up all the coolant spills.


Bud Osbourne wrote:

>Nice website, and, except for the tube shock conversions, I like the look of
>what they've got to offer.
>However, they are showing the wrong date for Mid-Ohio.  There will be an
>ALMS series event held at Mid-Ohio on the "traditional" June vintage race
>date.  The vintage event has been moved to August.  Check it out at:
>As I see it, there will be a far better chance of staying dry, at Mid-Ohio,
>in August, than in June.  Also, having seen snow flakes fly, at Mid-Ohio, in
>June (OK, maybe it WAS too much beer), it must also be said that the temps
>will certainly be more summer-like in August, than in June.  Maybe a little
>too summer-like, but, I'd rather sweat than shiver.....
>Bud Osbourne
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>Subject: Panhard Set-up
>In a previous post, the MM "Axle Stabilizer"
>was mentioned and I responded with a post
>mentioning Speedwell as a source for a
>more effective, "proper" Panhard Rod set-up.
>In so doing, I provided the
>incorrect website address for Speedwell.
>It should have been given as....
>(Thankyou, Vigil:)
>Cap'n. Bob      '60 :{)

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