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RE: Cutting square arches?

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Subject: RE: Cutting square arches?
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 08:08:00 -0500
Glad to hear you're one of the intelligent ones.  I've got three rear fender
& inner wheel arch reconstructions to do, this winter (the fourth one was
completed several years ago, and I just replaced an entire rear fender &
inner wheel arch on a RWA Midget, last winter), and, while I enjoy the
challenge, I'd really rather be driving them ;)
Also, with the rate of exchange, the panels have gotten pretty dear.  Sure,
you can get by with the "repair panels", but, the genuine BMH panels are
SOOOO much better to work with.  Of course, Moss may try to tell you "they
don't make that panel anymore", but, if you check the BMH website, you will
see that everything you need is very much available.  Moss tried to tell me
the RWA inner (outer, actually) wheel arch panel was not produced,
anymore......I told them "oh yes it is", and had one from BMH in a matter of
about two weeks.

And, while we're on the subject, I hope you guys appreciate how blessed we
are to be able to buy the genuine BMH body panels, produced on the original
tooling.  I also play around with air-cooled VW, and 356 series Porsches,
and have spent many, many additional hours on them, making the shabby,
aftermarket crap work.  I'll happily pay a premium for original panels,
rather than make a frickin' career out of trying to fit the aftermarket
junk.  With the 356, there is no other option.  Just pay big money, for
aftermarket junk.  The factory scrapped all of the original tooling in the
late 60s :(
So, insist on the "genuine item", if you want to continue to enjoy the easy
availability of parts from BMH group.  If we don't patronize BMH, we'll
eventually be left with only whatever ill-fitting, "caricature" parts that
Moss and others want to jam down our throats.

Bud Osbourne

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go mucking about with those panels unless you REALLY know what  you are
doing, and have planned the operation VERY  carefully.

Mission Aborted

Thanks for the timely advice

David Oliner

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