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Re: Major Cat Post - NLBC

To: Jim Johnson <bmwwxman@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Major Cat Post - NLBC
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 14:01:23 GMT k1CE2ATs004020
Cc: spridgets@autox.team.net
Sorry, Jim...

but the article has been verified by none other than the reliable, dependable NY
Times (All The News That's Fit To Print...but not necessarily the truth and 
certainly not the whole truth), now the subject of ongoing FBI investigation 
which will most
likely result in the appointment of a grand jury.

The "secrecy" of this info. along with how
they acquired it, let alone the "timing" of
it's release "coincident" with other events
(considering they held onto this story for
months) sorta well, tipped their hand as to
"motive" in terms of "politicizing" rather than simply "informing" the public 
along with any of our enemies who might be
listening. As usual, "timing" points the way.

And as far as I know, our wire-tapping laws
govern "criminal" rather than "military"
matters anyway. Of course, were this true,
you'd think our Congressman would be
knowledgeable in this respect considering
what we pay them to do in terms of their
job description, right? Or maybe not considering truth often takes a back seat 
to partisan politics these days to a greater extent than ever, considering the 
party" can only snipe and criticize these days considering they apparently have 
nothing to offer in terms of positive, useful/useable alternatives.

(Maybe they "have a"plan" but are keeping it secret? Wonder if somebody 
"inside" would care to leak it to the New York Times?? :)  

Anyway, at this point, if the NY Times says it's true, it MUST be so, eh? So 
sorry, James......but obviously CATS RULE!! At least until the grand jury, if 
assembled, finds otherwise, of course. :)

BTW....it's 22F and snowin'/blowin' like hell out there this morning. (How 
But considering it's "powder", no major
probleemo. Glad spring is just around the
corner. Makes it quite bearable considering
what a relatively mild winter we've had thus far.

Cap'n Bob
Buried Frog

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