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Re: Way, way, way off topic - goin' even further

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Subject: Re: Way, way, way off topic - goin' even further
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 04:12:33 -0600 reply-type=response
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I don't have the right to control ignorance... nor is it my responsiblity... 
we simply can't regulate intelligence... or morals...

Do you really think your going to stop it by taking away the one thing that 
gave us our freedom?

Under the same thougths we should ban all table saws... They take off 
fingers needlessly...

And of course we'd have to ban all those dangerous little cars... ya know 
the ones folks without a ton of money drive because they could get run over 
by well healed folks in SUV's....  LOL...

One of the things that cracks me up is how many liberal folks own our types 
of cars and how politically out there I am with you folks on average... 
it's why I don't do politics with Healeys.... we simply don't mix in that 
reguard...  love you folks, but wow... some of the concepts of liberal 
thinking are totally by me.....

The Constitution simply states " the right to keep and bear Arms"...


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