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Re: California Curiosity

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Subject: Re: California Curiosity
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 12:36:51 -0800 reply-type=response
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I don't know about elsewhere but in CA they are the root cause of ED.

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Subject: California Curiosity

>I was surfing the web for info on tire inner tubes and stumbled across this 
>regulation for California.
> California Vehicle Code
> Inner Tubes
> 27455.   (a) On and after January 1, 1975, no person shall sell or offer 
> for sale an inner tube for use in a radial tire unless, at the time of 
> manufacture, the tube valve stem is colored red or is distinctly marked in 
> accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the department, taking 
> into consideration the recommendations of manufacturers of inner tubes.
> (b) No person shall install an inner tube in a radial tire unless the 
> inner tube is designed for use in a radial tire.
> Added Ch. 741, Stats. 1973. Effective September 25, 1973 by terms of an 
> urgency clause.
> I don't recall ever having seen a red valve stem but then I am in 
> Michigan. Do inner tubes cause cancer in people in CA along with just 
> about anything else sold in a can? Is there anything that isn't regulated 
> in CA?
> Tim Collins
> Midland, MI
> 1966 AH Sprite
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