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Re: Bugeye Group..... Re: Coincidences (No LBC)

To: "Robert E. Shlafer" <pilotrob@webtv.net>, <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: Bugeye Group..... Re: Coincidences (No LBC)
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 17:47:05 -0600
These stories remind me of a joke I remember hearing some time ago. I'll try
to retell it but will need to adlib a bit:
This Irish fellow walks into a pub and has a seat next to another patron. He
tells the man sitting there he loves this pub as they have Guiness on tap,
just like back home in Ireland. "Oh, you're from Ireland?" he says, "I'm from
Ireland too!" "NO! Really? What area?" "I'm from the County Cork!" "REALLY?
I'm from the County Cork!". "Well, where did you go to school?" "I went to St
Marys in Cork." "Well isn't that a coincidence, I went to St Marys also! What
year did you graduate?" "1975." "NO!" the other fellow says, "I graduated in
1975 too! What did you say your last name is?". "McConnell" he replied. "NO
really? MY last name is McConnell! Bartender, bring me a Guiness for my friend
here!" Overhearing the goings on, the bartender rolls his eyes and says "Oh
Lord help us all, the McConnell twins are drunk again.........."


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