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RE: Postmortem on a 1275 -- What would you do?

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Subject: RE: Postmortem on a 1275 -- What would you do?
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APT aren't Chinese, are they?

(just kidding Frank)

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You might remember I had three wrist pins walk out and ruin my block.

Turns out that APT honed three of the four rod ends for no apparent
reason.  The fourth was fine with the right interference fit (1.5
thousands) while the others were honed out to nearly the diameter of the
wrist pin, so there was little interference.  These were the three that

This is after:

APT sent me a long stroke crankshaft by mistake.  We thought the block
had been decked and we cut the pistons down to get them below the deck
before we figured it out.  After much pain and bother, I removed the
motor from the car and swapped the crankshaft out with APT-- they
admitted their mistake.  They gave me a 10% discount on some parts for my
trouble (big whoop).  Cost me more than that to buy new bearings for the
second crankshaft.

APT didn't machine the rods correctly in the first place.  My machinist
had to do some additional machining (no, nothing to do with the rod ends,
and yes, my machinist has done many Spridget motors).  APT again admitted
their mistake and reimbursed me the $100 that cost.

Now I've got a ruined block that I've probably got $500 in machining
expenses in.

What would you do at this point?  I'm calling APT on Tuesday or
Wednesday.  What do you think would be fair compense for all this

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