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Re: Headlight Relays and Instrument Lamps

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Subject: Re: Headlight Relays and Instrument Lamps
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I installed relays on my 1972 last year. I mounted three relays (low-beam, 
hi-beam, and horn in the engine compartment between the fuse box and the 
plate over the hole for where the pedal box goes in England. I pulled power 
(via in-line blade fuse) from the battery side of the solenoid. The wiring 
harness runs right beside there, so I was able to cut into the wires that 
are feeding the headlights. I soldered in bullet connectors at that point so 
that if anything goes wrong, I can bypass the relays in 30 seconds or so. 
The wires coming from the switch control the solenoid and the solenoid feeds 
the wires going to the lights. Simple and clean. Yes, I think my dash lights 
are brighter now and I KNOW my headlights are brighter as well as knowing 
that my switches will last much longer now. No need to use a relay for the 
dash lights.
I have heard people recommend that the inside of the gauges be pinted white 
or silver to improve the lighting.
David Lieb 

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